Price Charts

How are price charts displayed on DexGuru?

For every token on DexGuru, you will see its price chart that will display its price history up to its most recent price.
All token price charts on DexGuru are currently displayed using TradingView’s technical analysis charts library. The token price charts you see are completely customizable and feature packed with the majority of the same functionality when using the standalone TradingView platform.
You will be able to adjust time periods, add lines, drawings, technical indicators and customize charts to your preferences and liking.
There are no limitations on the number of indicators that you can add to the charts on DexGuru, which is normally restricted on the TradingView platform based on paid memberships plans 🥳
To learn more about using Tradingview charts, indicators, drawing tools and chart types, feel free to visit the official Tradingview help center for more more information.

Can I add or import DexGuru's Token Price charts directly into the TradingView Platform?

Unfortunately not, we only use TradingView's chart library to display to our token price data and there is no way to manually add or import this data into the standalone TradingView Platform. This price data is also not available as a datafeed directly on TradingView, meaning you will not be able to find DexGuru token prices when searching on TradingView.

Is there a way to login with my TradingView account on DexGuru?

As the TradingView chart library does not have this functionality, you won’t be able to login to your TradingView account.
Last modified 8mo ago