Meta-aggregation is a unique mechanism DexGuru uses to optimize trades and offer you the best rates. To start leveraging its power simply go to Trading Tools.

How does it work?

Supporting multiple decentralized exchange aggregators allows us to request a quote from each and provide you with a better option. We call it meta-aggregation. Moreover, this is an open-source feature, developers could easily add new order routing providers (DEX aggregators) using the following Github link

Meta-aggregation is available for market orders on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum, Optimism, and CELO networks. We currently use 0x and 1inch protocols to provide this feature to you.

As a DexGuru user, you interact with multiple smart contracts depending on the router. You can find the list of them in the Wallets, Security & Moresection.

Router” is an exchange aggregator we use to request a quote. “Via” lists decentralized markets that Router is going to use for your order.

How to change the router?

You are not required to use the best router DexGuru suggests for you. You are free to change it at any time by clicking on the Router button.

The Router button opens the Router Switch and lets you see quotes for each exchange aggregator. It will show you if a token approval is required or if you have already signed one for each aggregator. Pick any option you want, and do not forget to save it.

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