GuruDAO Bootstrap Guide

Since the beginning, we’ve been committed to the product-first approach. Our goal has always been to build a robust platform that people actually want to use, then powered by the $GURU token to start to pass the governance torch and treasury management over to the community.

Our goal is to launch DAO governance as decentralized as possible while keeping the community engaged and entertained. We want community members to see themselves as a part of the project, aligned with the same goals. So, the community should take steps forward and participate in the DAO Bootstrap phase and governance mining and not just blindly follow the core team’s decisions. During this period, we will seek a consensus on all major DAO-related topics.

This is not an airdrop, there are no financial incentives. You are minting valueless and useless NFTs that would be able to participate in Pre-DAO decision-making. After DAO is up and running there is no use for NFTs(unless DAO decides otherwise later).

In general, if you expecting a financial return you probably should not waste your time and money on minting.

What is GuruDAO bootstrap phase?

GuruDAO bootstrap phase is the preliminary stage of DAO creation. In other words, this is the process when the most loyal and engaged community members get together to establish the future DAO foundation rules, main principles, and DAO vision. GuruDAO and $GURU tokenomic will be based on the decisions made during the bootstrap phase.

How long is the bootstrap phase?

Approximately about 1 month or until the community decides that all required topics are discussed.

Who can participate in GuruDAO bootstrap?

The following users are eligible to participate in the DAO bootstrap:

  • Users who tipped DexGuru before February 1st, 2022 and supported our community early on. The particular chain and the amount of the tips don’t matter. If you tipped to DexGuru before February 1st, 2022, you are eligible to mint a Guru Season Pass NFT.

  • LobsterDAO NFT holders

  • DEXT token holders

  • UniWhales token holders

  • Chartex token holders

  • AstroTools token holders

Full list of whitelisted addresses —

If you have found your address on the list that’s means you are eligible to mint GURU Season Pass NFT to participate in GuruDAO bootstrap.

GURU Season Pass NFT Minting

Minting lasts for 3 days — it starts March 30, 2022 and finishes April 1, 2022.

Minting is free; there is only a gas fee for publishing a unique instance of ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Where can I mint my Season Pass?

Minting website —

Why participate in the DAO bootstrap phase?

The main idea of the DAO bootstrap phase is to provide the community with the rights and means to shape the DAO from the very beginning. Season Pass NFT holders will have to participate in multiple governance polls and state their opinions on multiple topics, including how to distribute tokens to early participants. If you are going to mint a Season Pass, you have to be ready to participate actively in the decision-making.

Keep in mind that minting a Season Pass won’t automatically guarantee a $GURU airdrop. You’ll have to participate in multiple governance polls and state your opinion on multiple topics, including how to distribute tokens to early participants.

What will we be doing during the bootstrap phase?

Create, discuss and vote on proposals to define the future DAO structure and ground rules.

What topics will be discussed during the bootstrap phase?

Based on research of a number DAOs, there are several important topics that define a DAO, and they are essential:

  • DAO’s mission, values, and manifesto

  • Governance and decision-making process

  • Organizational structure and rules

  • $GURU Tokenomics

  • Community tasks, goals, and metrics

All these topics need to be discussed during the Pre-DAO stage in workshops and Discord/Discourse, then formed into proposals to be voted on. Decisions made by Season Pass NFT holders at this stage will form DAO ground rules and mechanics.

Where will discussions take place?

The main communication channel is a private Discord channel for GURU Season Pass NFT holders and the Discourse server.


Discord CollabLand bot for verification available at #verify channel. You have to press a blue "Let's go!" button and follow provided instructions.

How we will be making decisions?

During the DAO Bootstrap stage, the community will be provided with tools for proposal creation (Discourse) and voting (Snapshot).

The voting process will be off-chain Snapshot-based. Only Season Pass NFT holders will be able to participate in the voting. The Snapshot instance will be launched once the NFT minting process is done.

To make the governance process effective, the following is proposed:

  • Initial discussion and temperature check on Discord in a form of emoji voting

  • Based on the discussion, the community publishes a formal proposal on Discourse.

    • Once the draft proposal is published, there is a 3-day period to discuss and leave comments on the topic. Based on this discussion, the proposal is amended.

    • The updated final proposal gets published for voting on Snapshot. The voting period is 3 days. At the end of the period, a decision will be made by a simple majority.

Once we find consensus on all major topics, we will announce the DAO launch date. The current expectation is the end of May 2022.

What if people sell the NFTs? Will their new owners be eligible for the bootstrap phase?

Season Pass NFT holders can vote and participate in the DAO bootstrap phase. Multiple NFTs in a single wallet won't add up your voting power. 1 wallet with an NFT has 1 vote in the bootstrap phase.

What about Buying/Selling Season Pass NFT on Marketplaces?

Opensea and LooksRare collection pages will be available soon after minting starts.

Minting page:




Please do not confuse this way of creating a DAO with an Airdrop.

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