Token Profile

In-depth stats, analytics and full transaction list for any token

For each token, you'll be able to view in-depth stats, analytics, and full transactions derived from on-chain data in its Token Profile.

You can access the page by clicking on the Token Profile (in the header) on the main page.

Main Features

Token Tags

Token tags are community-sourced lists. Learn more about them and how to contribute on the Token Explorer (Token Tags)page.

Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV)

FDV is calculated from Max Token Supply multiplied by its current Price.

Token Max Supply

Theoretical Maximum supply of tokens that will ever exist according to the current code of the Token. Not all tokens will have their supply capped, and as a result, there may not be a max supply.

Community Links

Community-related links such as Twitter, Discord, Website, Community Forums & etc.

Please note that some of this information is sourced; ford from CoinGecko API and is Off-Chain in nature, for more information regarding our usage of supplementary Off-Chain Data, please visit the Off-Chain Data Usage page.

On-chain Custom Metrics

Provides you with an in-depth look into token distribution, holding time, and more.

Holders Making Money

This section indicates the % of the Top 100 Token Holders who are either:

  • In the Money -> Holders who are in profit at the current Token Price

  • At the Money -> Holders who are breakeven at the current Token Price

  • Out of the Money -> Holders who are at a loss at the current Token Price

Note: This section refers to current token holders and their current positions and not token holders who have previously sold their tokens and who have either made/broke even/lost money.

Total # Holders

Displays the total # of addresses that are current holding this token. If an address has >0 of the Token, then it is considered a Token Holder.

Transactions 24h

The total number of transactions involving the Token that occurred in the last 24 hours. These transaction include:

  • Swaps

  • Transfers

  • Liquidity Pool Adds/Removes

Median Holding Time

Median holding time for a token is the middle value in a sorted sequence of durations, indicating the typical duration of token retention. It differs from average holding time by being less influenced by outliers or extreme values.

Top Token Holders List

The Top Token Holders list shows the Top 100 Token Holders. From here, you will be able to see the following information about these top holders:

  • Supply Owned - The % of the Total Token Supply owned by the Top Token Holder

  • Amount - The # of Tokens owned by the Top Token Holder

  • 7 Day Change - The change in Token Balance during the last 7 days

  • Average Acquisition Price* - The average acquisition price of the Token by the Top Token Holder

  • In/Out/At Money Status - Displays whether the wallet current in/out/at the money based on their Average Acquisition Price compared to the Token's Current Price.

*Note: Transactions that involve a transfer of the Token from one wallet to another are also included in the Acquisition Price. For these transactions, the Token Price at the time of transfer will be 0.

Additionally, by clicking on the row of the Top Token Holder, you will be able to chart the wallet's change in Token Balance over time.

Full On-chain Activity List

In the Token Profile, you will also be able to view the full transaction history of the Token, including:

  • Swaps

  • Transfers

  • Liquidity Pool Adds/Removals

💡Pro Tip! If you're tracking certain Whales' wallets, you can filter their addresses in the full transaction list inside the Token profile. You'll be able to get a complete view of all their transactions involving a Token. 😉

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