Account Labeling

using on-chain data
We currently recognize three different account types based on on-chain information:
  • EOA (Externally Owned Account)
  • Smart Contract
  • Liquidity Pool
DexGuru labels an account as EOA when anyone with private keys controls it. This kind of account can be thought of as a wallet address.
We label an account as Smart Contract when it is a program/code that runs on-chain. Some contracts will have their names listed and some won't. This is because we use on-chain data. We can only get names of smart contracts that have a name method in their ABI (Application Binary Interface). The last label is Liquidity Pool implies that an account is a smart contract and specifically represents a liquidity pool address. All liquidity pools are smart contracts, but not all smart contracts are liquidity pools.
Currently, the account labeling feature can be found inside 🍄Token Profile
You can also check account type inside Account Profile (aka Token Profile🐳)
Last modified 9mo ago