Check Wallet Balance

and check its activity

All transactions and actions with your wallet on a blockchain are recorded; you can check them by using one of the blockchain explorers below.

Etherscan is a Block Explorer for Ethereum Network. BscScan is a Block Explorer for Binance Smart Chain. Polygonscan for Polygon Network. SnowTrace for Avalanche Network. FTMScan for Fantom Network. ArbiScan for Arbitrum Network. Optimistic Ethereum Etherscan for Optimism Network. GnosisScan for Gnosis Chain. Celo Explorer for CELO Network.

If you do not see assets in your wallet, it is a good idea to check your wallet’s address on a blockchain explorer. Use Etherscan for Ethereum transactions, BscScan for Binance Smart Chain transactions, and so on.

Copy your wallet’s public address and search for it on a blockchain explorer.

After entering your public address, you will see your ETH or BNB balance in native value. You will also see all up-to-date transactions that happened to your wallet. To view Expanded Token Holdings click on the button next to the value of your custom tokens.

Wallets like MetaMask display a limited list of standard token balances but do not display current balances for custom tokens. You have to add a custom token to your wallet manually. All you need is a Token Contract Address that you can find on Etherscan for ERC-20 tokens and BscScan for BEP-20 tokens.

Go to your Token Holdings, find the token you want to add to your wallet, and press it. Copy the Contract Address. You will need to add it to your wallet.

If you are using MetaMask, go to your Assets, scroll down, and press “Add Token”

Press “Custom Token.” Make sure you are connected to the correct network (ETH or BSC).

Now paste the Token Contract Address. Token Symbol and Decimals of Precision will be filled automatically.

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