Off-Chain Data Usage

Information and details regarding usage of Off-Chain data sources. Last updated: August 2022

Usage of Off-Chain Data Sources

DexGuru strives to utilize On-Chain data as much as possible due to it's immutable, trustless and transparent properties.
However, we have included the usage of a very limited amount of data from well-established and trusted off-chain data sources. These are used as supplementary data, and only when and where necessary to help us provide additional information for a better and complete user experience.
Currently, our usage of off-chain data sources are:
  • ​DexGuru Asset Repo for Tokens & Exchange Assets
  • ​Trust Wallet's Asset Repo for Token Logos
  • ​Coingecko's API for basic Token information such as:
    • Token Official Website/Social Media/Discord Channel
    • Market Cap
    • Circulating Supply
    • Fully Diluted Valuation
    • Max Supply
    • Token Rank
    • Token Logos
Note: If you are looking to update your Token's Logo, you may do so directly through our Asset Repo listed above and follow the instructions & requirements.

Usage of Token Lists

Additionally we make usage of trusted Token Lists to help us help provide additional context when browsing Tokens on DexGuru. For full details regarding how we use Token Lists on our platform, please visit our FAQ and the following sections:
Below is the complete list of Token Lists that are currently being used:


Other Lists:

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)








Polygon zkEVM

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