Data Completeness


For the time being, for every DEX/AMM that is added onto DexGuru, we currently index and display transaction data only from the date/time they are implemented.

This means for all transactions (and its TX data) that have occurred before the date of the DEX/AMM implementation date, will not be included in transaction lists, aggregates/counts and charts that involve the pre-implementation time period.

💡 We are working on indexing and back-syncing all historical transactions and transaction data for every DEX/AMM that is supported on DexGuru.

For the time being, a complete list of DEXs dates and their added date are available for your reference at Supported DEXs.

Types of Transactions

We only show swaps, mints, and burns from Supported DEXs

Currently, we only support the following types of transactions:

  1. Swap - an exchange of one token for another.

    • Buy

    • Sell

  2. Mint - adding liquidity to a liquidity pool.

  3. Burn - removing liquidity from a liquidity pool.

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