Trending Tab

Trending Tab shows tokens where Whale 🐳 buyers are strongly dominating over Whale 🐳 sellers.

Which tokens get listed inside the Trending Tab?

The formula below shows how we calculate the m value for each day. The m value is the metric we use for the Market Screener. To pick tokens for the Trending Tab, we compare the current Market Screener (m) metric to the largest m value over the last 30 days. Below is the formula for the m value over 24 hours.

The value m represents the difference between buy volume and sell volume of Whale 🐳 traders (heavy Trader with $500k+ of a trading volume in the last 30 days) in the previous 24 hours. The m value is similar to the Speculative Sentiment Index. The ratio inside the formula determines if the m value is positive or negative. If m is positive, more tokens have been bought than sold by Whale 🐳 traders and vice versa. We multiply the ratio by the number of Whale 🐳 traders to filter tokens with a high probability of manipulation. For example, when one Whale trader buys most of the token’s supply to drive the price up.

When we calculate the Trending Tab, we consider the maximum and the minimum m values for the previous 30 days. We use the below k indicator similar to the stochastic oscillator to determine what tokens we list in the Trending tab. The k indicator value can be between 0 and 100. When k is bigger than 60, the token is considered for the Trending tab. The k indicator shows how close the current m value is to the maximum m over the previous 30 days. We only list tokens with positive m value, where Whale 🐳 buyers strongly dominate Whale 🐳 sellers.

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