How To Create a Proposal

The proposal creation process from idea to Snapshot voting consists of 3 steps

The proposal creation process from idea to Snapshot voting consists of 3 steps:

  1. Public Discussion and Temperature Check

  2. Formal Proposal

  3. Snapshot Voting

Public Discussion and Temperature Check

Any community member can bring up a GuruDAO-related idea, problem, or proposal to the community for discussion. If they believe that a DAO consensus on this idea is required, the proposer will initiate the discussion. It’s up to the proposer to get the momentum going.

In the case of active discussion, the proposer or active member can move the idea to the temperature check stage. A temperature check is a free form poll on discord or discourse that helps understand what the community feels about the initiative.

For the community’s convenience, the body of the poll should include:

  • A description

  • Key proposal features

  • Short discussion recap

A temperature check should be launched in a form of a Yes/No question, contain actionable items or draft proposal to effectively measure community consensus. It could be done with

  • Discord emoji voting, or

  • Discourse poll on temperature check section

Timeline: no timeline

Requirements: no requirements

Platform: Discord or Discourse

Formal Proposal

After having reached a consensus on the Temperature Check, the initial proposer or another community member can submit the formal proposal to the governance forum. It’s up to the proposer to decide if a consensus around the topic is sufficient to move forward. It’s their responsibility to prepare the formal proposal.

The goal is to formally discuss the proposal and leave comments on the topic. Based on this discussion, the proposer amends the proposal to find consensus over the document.

The discussion period is at least 3 days (72 hours minimum). It may be more if there is active discussion - but no less. The proposer decides when or if the proposal is to move forward to the next step.

DAO contributors must use the following template when publishing a proposal on Discourse:

Proposal template


  • Short, clear description of the proposal

  • Should include [proposal] tag


  • Describe the proposal topic


  • What problem or opportunity are you looking to solve?

  • Describe why the proposal is valuable to the community


  • Description of proposed changes


  • Technical details as applicable


  • Reasons to vote for the proposal


  • Potential reasons to vote against the proposal


  • Temperature check voting, if it exists, and additional comments

Once we want to have all the proposals unified and standardized, it is important to meet the proposal structure. If the proposal doesn’t meet the required format, it could be rejected at Discourse. In fact, it is the only reason to reject the proposal.

Timeline: 3+ days (72+ hours minimum)

Requirements: The proposal should meet the requisite format and the Temperature Check link should be attached.

Platform: Discourse


Once the discussion has been done on Discourse, the initial proposer or another community member publishes the final version of the proposal on Snapshot.

The voting platform is based on Gnosis Safe + Snapshot and the Safesnap module, allowing execution of off-chain votes. In case the proposal involves on-chain action, the proposer should prepare the required transaction.

Timeline: 3 days (72 hours)

Quorum: At DAO Bootstrap Phase a participation quorum is of at least 10% of the total NFTs supply to pass any proposal successfully. For GuruDAO itself we should define quorum and proposals creation threshold after we figure out and discuss $GURU tokenomic.

Platform: Snapshot

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