DexGuru Getting Started

DexGuru is a non-custodial trading terminal made for traders in DeFi era, leveraging on-chain analytics combined with token swap execution capabilities.
We've built an interface that provides access to easy to understand on-chain data analysis across decentralized protocols on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum, Optimism, Gnosis, and CELO to enable traders to make best the best possible trade decisions in real-time!

Getting Help & Finding Answers

When using DexGuru you may find yourself coming across some questions, and we hope to be able to answer them all in these help documentation. We suggest looking for the relevant section in the left or simply searching (in the top right) keywords to your question, you will most likely find your answer the fastest that way.
Below is an overview of some key sections in the help documentation:
How to - Quick Guides on how to connect your wallet and engage with core functionality such as swaps and price alerts
Features - Explanations on how each feature and section work on the DexGuru interface
FAQ - Most frequently asked questions by our new community members
Troubleshooting Errors - Common errors you may encounter and how to resolve them.
Price Charts - How we display token price and other details.
Wallets, Security & More - Everything related to using your Wallet on DexGuru, token approvals, signature requests, security & more.
Swapping Tokens - In-depth information about how swapping Tokens on DexGuru works under the hood.
Data FAQ - Everything related to data on DexGuru, from how and where we get it to how we display it & much more.
Supported Chains & Supported DEXs/AMMs - All the chains & DEXs/AMMs that are currently supported
If you still can't find what you're looking for in the help documentation here, feel free to head over to our official discord channel and ask away or do a quick search in there to see if you're question has been asked before!
Always check your URL to make sure you're using the official DexGuru platform and related websites. Below is a list of all the current official related links we have:
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