Enable Telegram Price Alerts

Set up token price notifications and receive them straight to your Telegram account.
Read Alerts & Notificationsfor general information about notifications.
Watch this video on how to enable Telegram notifications for token prices or follow the instructions below.
To enable notifications for a token, you need:

1. Connect your web3 wallet.

2. Add tokens to your Favorites.

Press a heart button to add a token to your Favorites.

3. Go to Settings to connect the Telegram bot to your DexGuru account.

  • Generate Access Code
  • Send the "/connect yourGeneratedAccessCodeHere" command to @dxgurubot in Telegram

4. Go to Alerts & Notifications🔔 to create or edit(if you already have one) your alert.

Create a new alert if you do not have one.
Create Alert
Edit an existing alert if you already have one.

5. Make sure Telegram is set as a delivery channel and customize your price threshold.

6. Save your changes.